~Feel Awesome From The Inside Out~



From Physical to Metaphysical

Do you know yourself? Truly and deeply?


When asked about your desires, fears, boundaries or gifts, do the answers pop off your toungue without a second thought? Or do you feel stumped, lost in thought and wondering when you lost touch with who you truly are?

Personal Wellness and Self-Care are terms that pop up all over social media and are often associated with things like bath bombs and fuzzy socks or green smoothies and haute yoga. (Which are all fantastic btw). But is self-care REALLY just a never-ending stream of workouts and facial masks? 

Of course not! (But you already knew that, which is why you're here 😉)

You are a complex consioucness inhabititing a magical, physical body. Your personal wellness and self-care needs are deep, dynamic, and completely unique to you.

Self-Care in it's true essence is just elf-love in action.

And the journey to true self-love starts with a deeper and fuller understanding of your true self.



Are you ready to start your sacred self-care journey? 

- Grace Elizabeth, CPT, Wellness & Energy Coach



Binge-worthy podcast episodes with fascinating and unique guests that cover all things wellness. From morning routines to new moon rituals, sexual healing and past life regressions,this podcast proves that true wellness goes far beyond the physical realm.