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You're Invited to our
BIG. FAT. magical. Party.


Have you ever been accused of "glorifying obesity"? Good. You're in the right place. 


I don't need to tell you what most of the world thinks we should be doing. You hear it and see it every day. 


If they had their way, we would all hide in our homes until we found a way to lose weight, and only then could we re-emerge to enjoy life in our newly thinned bodies.

Fuck that. 

The Fat Femmes (and Thems) Fortune Club is all about doing it BIG. Doing it FAT. Doing it NOW. and TAKING. UP. SPACE.

The FFFC is a community of self-identifying FAT FEMMES who help each other DO THAT!



So what is it?

A members only community for fat femmes who want to create more magic, fun, connection, inspiration, and boldness in their lives while coming together to promote the greater liberation and protection of all fat bodies.

Who's invited?

Anyone who identifies as a Fat Femme. Fem-ish. Fem-adjacent. Fem-presenting. Fem-queer. Fem-aligned. All genders and gender expressions are welcome here!

what will we be doing?

Every month we will explore new themes inside our online community that challenge us to grow in our connection with our intuition, celebrate our bodies, pursue our passions, and live BOLD. INSPIRED. LIVES.  The Club meets (virtually) every month for our Bold Bitches Ball. A time for us to connect, celebrate, and party together - like our own virtual night club!

I want to be completely honest, I am not the perfect poster child for fat acceptance. I am not body positivity Jesus. I still notice internalized fatphobia affecting me in ways I thought I had rid myself of. That's why this community is so important to me. 


We live in a society that values thinness and thin (white, able-) bodies above all else, and at all costs.  There are very real and very oppressive societal ideals and systemic structures that are harming fat folks every day. The last thing any Fat Femme needs is the added SHAME of a secret desire to have the easy or joyful life that thinness (falsely) promises.

The Fat Femmes and Thems Fortune Club is a community that is working towards the collective liberation of fat bodies while reminding ourselves every day that we can have all the success, love, joy, fun, magic, support, and community that we desire without succumbing to the erasure and shrinkage of our bodies. We're pushing back against the narrative that says "your thinnest self is you best self", and shaking our assess in the face of the idea that fat folk inherently live unhappy lives. 



Ever wish you had a place to experience connection, support, guidance and inspiration AWAY from all of the distractions and doom scrolling that the current social media climate provides? Hard same. That's why the FFFC Community exists on a platform entirely outside of "The Gram" "The Book" and "The Clock App" (you know what I'm talking about). You'll be joining a community of magical, fat babes who hype each other up, support each other's goals, and respect each other's boundaries. We'll be hanging out on our members-only discord server where we we'll be having meaningful and productive discussions around or monthly themes. 


Every month we host a virtual, members-only event called THE BAD BITCHES BALL. This is a live zoom event where we all dress up (risqué or fancy attire encouraged) and celebrate all the cool shit everyone is doing in their lives. We talk about the theme for the next month and then we spend the rest of the event dancing our asses off to some choice jams.


Every month we will introduce a new theme along with conversation prompts and soul-work opportunities. The themes will generally center around building deep connections with our intuition, our bodies, our personal magic, with each other, and with the fat community at large. As the community host, I will be releasing an additional resource that is aligned with our theme each month. This could be anything from a guided meditation, sensual movement class, or even a custom spell guide. As the community grows, I will bring in guest contributors to help us build a diverse collection of resources.

As a member perk all *founding* club members will receive a tarot reading each month, included in their membership. Future members will have the option receive tarot readings at a heavily reduced rate.


This community is joined by the sole idea that fat bodies must be liberated and protected. Especially those at the most marginalized intersections. Promoting, supporting, and spreading awareness of mutual-aid funds and organizations as well as individuals in need will be a major topic of discussion inside the group. In addition, the club will host 2 yearly fund-raising events that will be open to the public with the goal of raising funds to contribute to causes selected by the group.

Screenshot_20221122-200555_Instagram (1).jpg


Hi! I'm Grace.

I'm a fat, queer, femme.

A performer.

An intuitive guide.

A mother.

A practitioner of witchcraft.

A spicy dance and movement enthusiast.

A lover of bodies and all their sexy magic.

A community curator and a bold-bitch-hyper-upper

okay I made that last one up...

who's hosting?

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