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Welcome to The Mom Guilt Guillotine

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Let’s talk about: ~mom guilt~

And no, I don’t mean when your mother guilts you into flying home for thanksgiving by reminding you that she birthed you and raised you and paid for your living for 18+ years.

I’m talking about the inherent guilt mothers feel while trying to balance their mothering duties with the rest of their life. The obligation we feel to show up 100% as a mom, as a spouse, as an employee/business owner etc.

The guilt that often leads us to believe we have to be 100% what everyone else needs and leaves us feeling 0% like ourselves.

We feel this guilt when we choose to stay an extra hour at work, or leave the baby with our spouse or a sitter and head to the gym. We feel this guilt when we reach for that prepackaged baby food instead of making it from scratch with ~all organic ingredients~

We feel this guilt when we can’t manage to keep the house clean even though we’re at home all day. (News flash, we’re busy wrangling children! And that takes about 110% of your available hands)

Even when we are KILLING IT at our momly duties, we may still experience that nagging feeling that just being an awesome Mother is not enough.

We feel we need to do better at work, or cook fancier meals for our family, or put more effort into our appearance so that our spouse doesn't get tired of looking at us, or we need to find a way to contribute financially to take some weight off our partners shoulders... and the list goes on and on and on.

Want to wind down at the end of the day with a glass of wine, or god forbid, a joint? *gasp* MOM GUILT. Want to go out with the girls and leave the baby with your partner who works full time? Definitely gonna feel some mom guilt.

Want to splurge your few extra bucks on that new bag you’ve been eyeing? Mom. Guilt. Maybe you're someone who wants to dedicate their extra time and brain space to advancing their career and in doing so, you have to put your child in daycare.

Maybe you're the mom who does spend their time making all organic home cooked meals for their child and teaching them baby sign language, but in turn, you're left with no time to pursue your interests and hobbies.

Either way, I know we all can relate to the cycle of trying to do #allthethings and feeling like we're accomplishing exactly none of them.

Most of us have been subject to this “mom guilt” at one point or another. And if you haven’t, we are all dying to hear your secrets so please spill already!

(Seriously, reach out to us here. We're always looking for contributors and it sounds like you know some stuff!)

For the rest of us, this is something we’ve battled AT LEAST once. But more likely we’re battling it every day, 24/7, 365. It doesn’t matter if you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, or somewhere in between. We're all in this together.

What is The Mom Guilt Guillotine?

The Mom Guilt Guillotine is a Society of Mothers who are dedicated to taking care of themselves (and each other) in order to live a well rounded and fulfilling life. Our goal is to build a life that INCLUDES Motherhood, but does not exclude the many other wonderful experiences that being a human has to offer. We denounce the "Mommy Martyr" trope. We embrace self-care, self-love, and self-improvement. We do this because we believe that these things are absolutely necessary in order to be the best mothers, and people, we can be.

What you can expect from Us

  • A place to come when you need a break from bottles, binkies, and bath time. Think of us as a virtual glass of wine with your bestie!

  • Tips, tricks, and general advice about how to prioritize self care, health, and wellness as a mother and why its SO important

  • Stories and support from other (non judgy) moms about the trials and tribulations of being a lady with a baby... or two..or ten

  • Constant inspiration to remind you that you're not just a badass mom, you're a radass human!

The Mom Guilt Guillotine IS NOT another parenting forum. There are plenty of those already. If you really want to argue over whether or not a stranger should be feeding their baby solid food yet, take it to the "other" mom groups. That ain't happening here.

The Mom Guilt Guillotine IS a place to come together as mothers, as women, and as humans. A place where we believe taking care of mothers is just as important as taking care of babies. After all, we're the ones growing, birthing, and raising these tiny humans! (for the most part).

So, mother’s of the world...

I ask you to set aside your differences, banish your judgement, and shed your guilt. I implore you to show yourself and others grace. I challenge you to allow yourself to truly be YOU. The WHOLE you. Not your work self, mom self, wife self, PTA self, or Facebook self. But the insanely unique and awesome combination of every piece of you that makes up a whole, badass, beautiful human.

We need YOU!

Moms who join The MGG Society...

- Are dedicated to cultivating a community of mothers who are not afraid to be themselves

- Prioritize mental and physical health and wellness

- Unapologetically pursue their passions, and slay every ounce of "Mom Guilt" that threatens to stand in their way.

- Always give grace and understanding to other mothers and themselves!

- Consistently show support to each other on our journey to living #momguiltfree

If you're down for all of this awesome goodness...

I cordially invite you to join me in cultivating an inspiring, uplifting, honest, diverse and fun community of badass mothers. A community that values honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability. A community that recognizes that every mother is also a person with their own identity.

A place where you don’t have to separate your “mom self” from your whole self. A place to discover who that "whole self" even is. A place for us to create our own awesome "village" of awesome moms, because together, we can do AWESOME things.

A place to cut yourself off from societies expectations and create a life you LOVE.

We are; The Mom Guilt Guillotine. Sever yourself from expectations.

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