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Wellness Workshop Roundup - Week 1

Did you miss out on any of exercise basics we covered in the workshop this week?

No problem! I rounded up all of the important info we covered so you won't miss out on anything, check it out!

First we kicked everything off with the Welcome LIVE Workshop! You can watch the replay here!

Then we jumped right in to some basic exercise education!

There is a lot of gym lingo these days, it can be hard to keep up! Here are a few commonly used words, phrases, and definitions you might hear while you embark on your journey of finding the kind of movement and exercise your body loves!

It’s week 1 of the Wellness Workshop Series and we’re starting with...

~Exercise Basics~

Here are some key 🔑 phrases I’ll be using a lot this week!!

Maybe you’re new to working out, maybe you’re a seasoned vet, either way, it’s always good to brush up on the lingo!

Make sure you check out my stories to quiz your knowledge later 😉

And if you haven’t signed up for the Wellness Workshop yet, jump to the link in my bio and do it now!! 💗💗

Next we dipped our toes in the proverbial workout water, and tackled a beginner workout!

Ready to get moving? This is a great workout for anyone who is just starting their exercise journey. Or anyone who skipped out on building those suuuper important body foundations!

Ahhh the basics... they aren’t sexy, but damn, they are IMPORTANT.

If you want to go far in ANYTHING, you need a good FOUNDATION.

When it comes to exercise, your foundation includes your balance, joint strength, and core strength.

Maybe you’re new to working out 👶

or maybe you jumped right in to trying to barbell squat 2x your body weight 🥵

Or maybe it’s just been a while since you since you’ve focused on strengthening your foundation -

Well my friend, it is time to get BACK TO BASICS 😁

1) Focus on movements that challenge your balance and strengthen your stability

2) Use lighter weights, high amounts of reps per set(12-20), and complete each movement at a slow and controlled pace

3) Work that core baby!! Use your core power to help stabilize you during your movements (flexing your abs, squeezing your glutes, etc.) and do core endurance focuses exercises

This workout is a mashup from the first week of The Body Connection program phase 1 which I ran back in March!

All it requires is some lightweight dumbbells

(or any household item that will fit in your hands!)

And your rockin’ bod! 💪

⚡️Face down arm raises - X20

⚡️Air squats - 2X20

⚡️Standing inner thigh stretch - 30 seconds each side

⚡️Wall push ups - 3X15

⚡️One leg, single arm, shoulder press - 2X15 (each arm)

⚡️Side Lunge to balance - 2X12 (each leg)

⚡️Front Lunge to Balance - 2X12 (each leg)

⚡️Floor bridge w/ alternating leg raise - 3X20

Give this workout a spin and let me know how you’re feeling!!

PS - don’t feel bad if you’re falling over during those lunges, I STILL struggle with them, but that’s why we gotta do it!!

Have a great Tuesday Y’all!


Then we did a little mindset work to reframe our negative thoughts about exercise!

For many of us, our relationship with movement and exercise is..well... complicated! If you're struggling with the actual enjoyment part of moving your body, read through the common thoughts below and how they can easily be reframed to support you on your journey to loving and enjoying all of the awesome things your body can do!

It’s okay to give up 😯

It’s okay to give up the things that don’t make you happy.

It’s okay to quit things that are no longer good for you.

If your wellness routine is no longer making you feel WELL - you are allowed to change it

(and you absolutely should!)

Today I’m diving into some common thoughts about cardio that usually don’t serve anybody 🤷‍♀️

(except maybe the peeps profiting off the idea that thinness should be everyone’s goal)

Swipe to read these unhelpful thoughts and see how they can easily be reframed to SERVE you on your wellness journey 👉

✨ Your wellness routine should be full of things you love - if it doesn’t light you up, its probably time to put it down ❤️

I gave you my Top 10 Tips for starting an exercise/fitness journey!

New to exercise? Here are my Top 10 Tips to help you on your journey!

Then we all did a fun little workout together on our LIVE workshop!

Ready to workout with me? Test your balance and body control in this beginner workout we did LIVE in week 1!

And that's a wrap on week 1!!

Now go get your body moving!

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