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Why You Suck at Keeping Your New Year Resolution

Well 2019 is FINALLY coming to an end. Is it just me or did this year D-R-A-G? IDK how they managed to fit five years into 2019 but they gosh darn did it.

For most of us, there's something about the end of the year that makes you super nostalgic.

You reflect on the previous 12 months, the ups, the downs, the laughs, the cries.

Facebook rounds up all your photos, comments, statuses, and new friends into a neat little video,

Spotify lets you know if you're a true music snob or if the only new album you listened to this year was Post Malone (guilty, so guilty),

and you can even get a collage of your top 9 Instagram images that everyone HEARTED<3 so much.

Another phenomena that happens and the end of every year, is that we all inexplicable separate ourselves into 2 categories.


"Hell yeah, new year new me! Let's do it, woo!"


"Literally nothing is changing but the numbers on the calendar, so chill out, Stephanie."

The first group is ripped and ready to CRUSH. SOME. GOALS. It's RESOLUTION TIME BABY!

And the second group, well... they're a bit disillusioned by the whole tradition.

And can we REALLY blame them? According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.



We set our yearly goals, our "New Year Resolutions" as we call them;

"I'm gonna get so fit this year!"

"I'm going to read 15 books!"

"I'm going to save 5% of every paycheck!"

We start January so strong, but then, we fail to follow through. By July we realize we're even farther from our goal then when we started.

So why does this happen?

Is it because setting and meeting goals is essentially impossible?

Is it because we're putting all of our faith in the magic of the new year to get us there?

Is it because, well frankly, we just suck??


We just might be doing it wrong...

Here's 4 reasons you may have failed to keep your New Year Resolutions...

1- You don't actually WANT to succeed


Whether your resolution is to get healthier, save money, read more books, or whatever, there's a chance you don't actually want to do this.