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Deepen Your Connection With Your True Self

In this powerful 1:1 coaching session

we’ll go beyond skin deep to uncover

the layers of yourself

that you’ve been neglecting.


Then together we will build the solid foundations of a self care ritual

that is completely unique to you.


After our session you will be gifted a personalized 90 day workbook download

to guide you as you continue your journey of learning how to love and care for your whole being. Body, spirit, and mind.


Each Sacred Self-Care Session is Unique and Highly Personalized

Here is a bit of what you can expect in a session...

  • We open the session with a guided intention setting ritual, this could be a meditation, guided breathing, or EFT (tapping)

  • Next I will give you a reading (oracle cards) and we will begin our discussion to gain clarity and insight into your current self-care rituals, desires, and needs

  • We will create a collaborative game plan for how you will continue to up-level your selfcare after our session

  • After the session you will be given a personalized 90 day (printable) journal that is curated specifically to guide YOU on your personal journey of deepening your understanding and love for your true self <3

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